VisualVault Core
  • 16 Jun 2023
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VisualVault Core

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Resumen del artículo

VisualVault Core:

New Features / Improvements:

24875 - Added the ability to debug microservices executed from a workflow action.

Bug Fixes:

22890 - Improved error messages for scheduled NodeJs processes upon failures displayed in the scheduled service log.

25857 - Improved results when performing an advanced document search with no folders selected.

25901 - Resolved an issue where incorrect form document relationships could be returned if the client script call is made before the form is saved.

25918 - Resolved an issue where the content type for documents wasn't being set consistently from the form viewer and API calls.

25808 - Resolved an issue where the NodeJs scripts could fail if the scripting server URL was missing a trailing slash.

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