Version 6 Announcement
  • 30 Jun 2023
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Version 6 Announcement

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Resumen del artículo

We’re very pleased to announce the release VisualVault Version 6

V6 capabilities are designed modularly allowing existing clients to choose when they want them enabled. In order to learn more and begin taking advantage of these valuable upgrades, please contact your account manager.

Version 6 includes significant upgrades and valuable, completely new capabilities including:

Advanced Search

New indexing and search engine provides high performance indexing and search with support for advanced features such as fuzzy search and term relevancy.

Office 365 Integration

Documents stored in VisualVault can now be edited directly by multiple authors concurrently in Office 365, with all changes automatically saved in VisualVault.


Ability to create shared Workspaces for collaboration and information sharing. The Workspaces feature can replace or supplement the current Portal Pages feature.

Intelligent Document Classification

Leverage machine learning models to auto-classify documents by type.  The machine learning models can be created by simply selecting document library folders that contain indexed documents.

Improved Roles & Permissions Interface

New interface simplifies the administration of Roles and Permissions from a single screen.

Enhanced Document Type Security

Grant access to users and groups by document type. Document types can be auto-assigned using the Advanced Document Classifier feature; new or modified Documents inherit security access rules based upon Document content.

Workflow Improvements

Enhanced Workflow Engine supports higher throughput allowing for the handling of thousands of workflow events per second and millions of daily workflow instances.

Improved VisualVault Studio Interface

Improvements that assist with workflow monitoring and machine learning model creation.

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